Patient Aid Impact Stories

“Hello, my name is Vincent and I received assistance from you guys and I want to start by saying thank you so much and God bless.  My cancer journey began early last year and since then has been an uphill battle, not knowing how I’m going to get the proper help I need, not having insurance just feeling overwhelmed while dealing with other things. To have this break and help is a blessing among blessing and for once I finally got to smile, and I mean legit smile . Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for your very generous award of $1,000 to our family.  This has helped us greatly in offsetting our out of pocket expenses during this incredibly difficult year.  The expenses are just one less thing for us to worry about and will allow us to fully love on Joshua and support him in getting through his treatment.  

When we first found out that Joshua had leukemia we were absolutely in shock and did not know what the future held for him.  Thankfully, as we have been educated about the treatment available, we realized there is great hope that he will have a long and happy life.  This is in large part due to your heart and generosity and the generosity of your many donors to fund the research for treatment and a cure.  We wish we could thank each person who has been a part of supporting this cause.  God bless each of them and your staff. Thank you again!”  Mark, Kari, and Joshua

Gina was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in March 2016. It was a painful road not only for Gina, but for the entire family. Gina was treated with chemotherapy at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, TX and completed her treatment in June 2018.

Gina and family were extremely happy and looking forward to a more normal life. Unfortunately, Gina relapsed in September 2018, not too long after she completed treatment. Because of a fungal infection in her lungs, she was not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. It took almost 4 months to fight the infection before she was ready for the only alternative offered to her: Car-T Cell Replacement. She had part of her treatment at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas and completed it at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. After more than 6 months in the hospital, Gina was discharged in February 2019.

“We are grateful that Leukemia Texas has been part of our journey since 2016. Having a child with cancer can be financially draining and Leukemia Texas has contributed assistance to our family when we most needed the relief. Our story is a happy-ending so far, but we couldn’t have made it alone. From the bottom of our heart and full of gratefulness, thank you Leukemia Texas!” – Gina’s Family

“The generosity of Leukemia Texas has helped with the medical bills Cooper has accrued from his last 2 years for treatment since his diagnosis of ALL. I am extremely grateful for the Patient Aid that Leukemia Texas has provided to my family.” Steve, Cooper’s Father

“One thing that cannot be managed during a time such as this is finances. You are at the mercy of the bills, the meds, the supplies needed, the parking, the gas, etc… This grant was a life saver! As a family, we wanted to tell you how eternally grateful we are for Leukemia Texas and all you do for families of Leukemia patients.”

– Nicky & Family

“I would like to thank you for the financial help that I received from Leukemia Texas organization. I am very grateful for that aid! With the money we received from your organization, I will be able to cover some of my medical expenses. And release some worry! Once again, we thank you for your gift!” – Luis

Aiden – Patient Aid Recipient

“We are beyond grateful for the help that Leukemia Texas has provided us. Being from West Texas and not having the care we needed for Aiden nearby made it very challenging to keep our family together. Thank you, Leukemia Texas, for assisting us in paying for gas to travel back and forth, as well as help with the mounting medical costs.” – Aiden’s Parents

Kaylyn – Patient Aid Recipient

As a reminder of those we work hard to assist, we’d like to share an update on Kaylyn, one of our patients: Kaylyn is 12 years old and from Baytown, TX. She was diagnosed with ALL in December 2017. She failed the induction treatment for ALL and was a candidate for the CAR -T therapy at MD Anderson. She was the third pediatric patient to undergo CAR-T at the hospital, and the first to go on to bone marrow transplant. Kaylyn is coming up on 100 days post-transplant and is currently in the hospital for complications from graft vs host disease since the end of September 2018.

Everyday things are getting a little better, but all we can do is take it one day at a time!! #kaystrong

Evan – Patient Aid Recipient

“We are deeply grateful for your financial assistance when our son Evan relapsed last year.  Your blessing assisted us at a time when travel expenses, meals, and pending hospital bills were starting to add up.  Thank you so much for your kindness.”


 – The Jurgensen Family

Patricia – Patient Aid Recipient

“The Leukemia Texas Aid really helped me keep going. Not being able to care for yourself or earn your own income to pay bills is very disheartening and hard to push through, but the Aid felt so personal because it enabled me to put a little extra towards those bills.

Thank you so much for making a terrible time in my life a little easier.”


Katie – Patient Aid Recipient

“We are extremely grateful to have had the support of Leukemia Texas during both of Katie’s battles with leukemia. The patient aid they provided helped to lessen the financial burden on our family that resulted from two battles within a three year period. It was a wonderful feeling to know that we had the love and support from the kind people of Leukemia Texas during such a difficult time in our lives. Thank you, Leukemia Texas! We are forever grateful!”

-The Thomson Family

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Trace – Patient Aid Recipient

“I received my stem cell transplant on January 27,2018 and have been in remission since then. I would like to say a big Thank You to Leukemia Texas for the financial assistance as this has allowed us to use the money to pay on medical bills that we did not have the money to pay. I really appreciate the assistance that you have given to me and my Family!

-Trace S.

“Thank you for the check for $1,250 you gave me to cover my patient expenses… Leukemia has been a nightmare, but at the same time it has been a blessing. It has given me a perspective I might not otherwise have. Thank you so much for being a part of my recovery and treatment. With help and prayers from you and others, I will continue my fight as long as the Good Lord allows me.” – Gerard N. (Patient Aid Recipient)

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Hayden, Patient Aid Recipient

“Throughout Hayden’s treatment Leukemia Texas organization helped us out tremendously with assistance in medication procurement and organizing events that Hayden attended where he met other children like himself that were going through the same ordeal and who have become good friends.” – Cynthia, Hayden’s Mother

Kathy, Patient Aid Recipient

“I received the check in the mail and I wanted to take time out to thank you and your organization for this wonderful gift.  I have been in financial straits since I lost my job but this will help take off some of the pressure. Thank you so much.”  -Kathy Tidwell

Linda, Patient Aid Recipient

What a surprise and tremendous blessing it was to receive the generous financial gift from Leukemia Texas Patient Aid Program! As an ALL patient, in line to receive a bone marrow transplant, we are seeing our medical bills mount. Our income was already stretched to the max, prior to leukemia, but we knew that God would provide for us through this health crisis.  Our prayers were answered when we received your letter and enclosed check! Thank you for the tremendous help that you offer to leukemia patients throughout Texas. I pray we will one day be on the donor end to help you continue your good work. Thanks also to the person who so kindly knits the caps! It will be used often to cool my bald head as the weather cools!

Many blessings – Linda

Lyndall, Patient Aid Recipient

“My name is Lyndall, I am 80 years old. I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) in 2005. I am blessed to be in remission at this time and I only have to visit my oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston once a year for now. Still, the financial burden of the price for insurance and the very costly GLEEVEC medication is overwhelming, so this money will help tremendously. Once again I want to thank Leukemia Texas for your most generous grant.” – Lyndall

David, Patient Aid Recipient

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Makayla, Patient Aid Recipient

“Leukemia Texas has been a blessing to our family and we are thankful for you all!” – Gretchen, Makayla’s Mother

Aslynn, Patient Aid Recipient

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Mary Sue, Patient Aid Recipient

“My life is far from normal, but I am hopeful that I will continue to heal and one day live a healthy life. Thank you so much for your help with the outrageous costs of this cancer. It has made a peaceful impact in my family’s life”. – Mary Sue Farrier

Archie, Patient Aid Recipient

I would like to thank you for the $1000 patient aid because it couldn’t have come at a better time. Foundations like yours are so important to patients that are not only dealing with health issue but life’s monthly billing cycle continues on.

I’m so thankful for the kindness you have shown me and my family. Receiving aid from organization like the Leukemia Texas is excellent and you can’t imagine how I feel so blessed right now.

Thanks so much for your support.” – Archie Johnson

Riley, Patient Aid Recipient

“Thank you so much for the financial assistance, it came at just the right time when we needed it.. We are filled with gratitude for organizations like this that help families in need during such a rough battle.” – Sheha (Mother)

Anh, Patient Aid Recipient

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generosity in sending me the check. This donation from you will greatly help me pay off some medical bills as well as provide me with funds to purchase the medication for my treatment. I was diagnosed with CLL a few years ago before my grand-daughter was born.  While this news greatly saddened our family, this little bundle (her name is Marli) has been a huge reason why I am fighting to beat this cancer.  I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and will hopefully undergo a stem cell transplant early next year. This is a very big procedure, but it is very touching to know that my family/friends are with me every step of the way and that there are sweet people like you who are thinking of patients like me.” – Anh

Gabby, Patient Aid Recipient

“As Gabby’s mother, I just really want to thank you for the $1,000 check. It came at a perfect time…I was sitting on my bed trying to think how I was going to pay the light bill, gas bill, plus all of the things Gabby needed for leukemia and had been avoiding the mailbox for days afraid to see all of the bills. I decided to check the mail and came across your letter and could not believe it. Thanks to y’all everything is paid for. Gabriela is doing very well and she is fighting it. We have been through so much and as a single mother it’s hard. Thank y’all for caring for families in need.” – Rachel Rios

Cooper, 5 year old Patient Aid Recipient

“Please accept or deepest gratitude for your organization’s very generous gift to help cover the costs of treatment for our son. This is the second time since Cooper’s diagnosis that Leukemia Texas has provided us with such a gift, and we are more grateful than we can adequately say…The financial generosity of your organization means the world to us, as there have been thousands of dollars in medical bills that we have needed to pay during these past four years. We are extraordinarily grateful for all that Leukemia Texas does for families like ours.” – Ben & Heather Dorr