Buddy Cares

Over the past few years, we’ve taken the opportunity to listen and learn from our patients. With the advent of COVID-19, the needs of our patients greatly changed, and we wanted to better support them and their families in their leukemia journey. In honor of our founder Buddy Minyard, we created the following Buddy Cares Programs to provide new avenues of hope and care for our patients.

Buddy Bear

The hospital can be a stressful and lonely place, but with a donation of $25, you can provide a tangible buddy to a patient. Buddy Bear is a 12-inch squeezable plush bear who keeps patients company during their journey so they are never alone. 

Your donation provides a Buddy Bear and a card that says, “Friends are like stars and while you may not always see them, they are always there to support you.” The adoption can be listed on the card in your name or in honor or in memory of someone. Your Buddy Bear adoption lets a patient know that they are loved and supported by a new buddy who is cheering them on!

Adopt a buddy bear

Travel Buddy

Send a travel buddy suitcase

Buddy Notes

The Buddy Notes program is the perfect way to engage your classmates at school, workplace, friends and anyone looking to make an impact in the lives of our patients. This program provides pre-printed cards for your group to sign. You can just sign your name or write a few words of encouragement to a patient currently in treatment for leukemia. Your Buddy Notes are then mailed to our patients all over the state of Texas and will greatly brighten their day! 

Email info@leukemiatexas.org to learn more about our program and start sending Buddy Notes!

Buddy in Action

Are you looking for a special friend to join your event, party or special delivery? Our unique Buddy Bear mascot is available to join you in person for your events. For a donation, Buddy Bear will join your event, make friends, take pictures and support the great work you’re doing.

Thank you to our friends at the Dallas Stars Foundation for providing the funding for our Buddy mascot!

Email info@leukemiatexas.org to learn more about this program and book Buddy Bear for your next event!

Buddy Packs

The newest addition to our Buddy Cares program is Buddy Packs. A great volunteer project for your school group, office or friends is creating Buddy Packs to be shared with our hospital partners and patients. These care packages contain comfort items such as blankets, socks, journals, etc. for our patients of all ages to utilize during their hospital stays.

You can email us to get a list of current items that can be collected. With your support, we look forward to sending out more new Buddy Packs to our patients!

Email info@leukemiatexas.org to learn more about our program and start sending Buddy Packs!