LTX Spotlight Story: Lucy

In 2021, Lucy Garza was a typical 3-year-old who attended preschool and relished in playdates and sleepovers with her cousins. She had boundless energy as she played alongside her 5-year-old brother Leo.

In October of that year, Lucy suddenly fell ill with a fever. Her fever persisted over the weekend, so her mom made an appointment with the pediatrician. As Lucy hopped off the pediatrician’s table, she complained of leg pain and when she stepped outside, the sun pained her.

She was taken to Cook Children’s for a complete blood panel and an antibiotic for possible infection. However, her fever continued throughout the night, and the next morning she woke up unable to walk.

The next day, Lucy’s parents took her to the ER and the results from the blood test confirmed her undeniable cancer diagnosis: B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Their world came to a screeching halt, as if time itself had frozen. How could a three-year-old possibly have cancer?

The Garza Family

Her parents were given a roadmap and told Lucy would undergo 27 months of treatment. Lucy’s initial hospital stay kept her hospitalized for nearly two months. Halloween and Thanksgiving came and went, and it was just before Christmas break that she was finally discharged.

Despite the hardships, Lucy found solace in playing pranks on the nurses and even mommy and daddy. The moments that brought her the most joy were the art/music therapy sessions, visits from the child life therapist, and therapy dogs who provided comfort and companionship during those dark days.

Lucy finally returned to full-time preschool in the fall of 2022. Her teachers understood that she needed flexibility, allowing her to attend school when she felt well enough and encouraging her to embrace her childhood. Lucy’s determination never wavered, and each day became a precious gift.

Now in kindergarten, Lucy attends the Texas School of the Arts, where she can pursue her love for the arts and continue to grow and learn alongside her peers.

Lucy and her brother Leo

On January 19, 2024, Lucy rang the bell, signifying the end of her cancer treatment. All prayers and hopes are that she will continue to thrive, remain strong, healthy, and prosperous, living a life free from cancer’s grip. Her parents strive to create a world where childhood cancer is no longer a life sentence and where every child can experience the joy and wonder of a healthy, vibrant future!

Lucy will be the Honorary Chair at our third annual ‘Strike Out Pediatric Leukemia’ baseball game on Sunday, April 28th at RoughRiders Field in Frisco, TX. Click here to learn more about this event so you can get involved, attend the game, and/or support LTX with a donation.