Meet Lulu

Lulu Hendren is the Marketing & Communications Project Manager at Leukemia Texas, and we’re so happy to have her on our team! We sat down with her recently to discuss all things LTX. Get to know Lulu in this Q&A with her below.

Lulu Hendren

Hi Lulu! Tell us about yourself.

Well, I’m a Taurus. That probably explains a lot! I live in Dallas, but I’m from Charlotte, NC. I also lived in South Florida (Miami and Fort Lauderdale) for a while. When I’m not working, I’m usually spending time with friends and family… or you can find me at Starbucks, Target or Louis Vuitton. I enjoy watching movies, reading, writing, shopping, and traveling. I’m a big Dallas Cowboys fan, my favorite color is Barbie pink, and I’m addicted to lip gloss.

Lulu loves her Cowboys!

How long have you been at LTX? When did you start at the organization? 

I started working for Leukemia Texas in January 2023, so I’m celebrating my 1-year anniversary at LTX this month!

What did you do before working at LTX? 

Before I began working at LTX, my career background and professional experience was in marketing, communications, and e-commerce. I worked in the beauty and hair industry for a long time. I also co-owned a small family business with my dad and brother for several years.

Lulu with her parents Roger and Becky at the BeatLeukemia Ball

What brought you to LTX? 

My dad Roger is the President on the Board of Directors. When our CEO Jessica needed someone to help design and develop our new LTX web site, he recommended me for the job. I started last January, we launched the new web site in May 2023, and since then I’ve continued to work on marketing and communications projects. I write weekly blog posts, create our monthly newsletter, and I perform regular web site updates. I also help with our events, such as the BeatLeukemia Ball, Strike Out Pediatric Leukemia baseball game, and Swing Fore Leukemia golf tournament.

What’s your favorite LTX event? 

I love all our events so it’s hard to choose just one, but I would probably have to say the BeatLeukemia Ball. It’s so much fun because there’s live music, dinner, drinks, dancing, and we get to dress up. That was also the first event that introduced me to LTX many years ago because my parents Roger and Becky have been going to the Ball every year since the beginning 20 years ago.

Lulu with her dad Roger, Jessica and Mandy at the BeatLeukemia Ball

What’s your favorite thing about LTX or favorite thing about working here? 

I get to be creative and write, which are a few of my favorite things about this role. I also really enjoy working with our small team of Jessica (our CEO), Mandy (our Patient & Programs Manager), and Lauren (our intern). It’s kinda unique to have all female coworkers, and I think we make a great team. Our skillsets and areas of expertise really seem to complement each over very well. I’ve learned a lot from them.

What’s something people may not know about LTX? 

Probably what I mentioned about having such a small team. Jessi and Mandy are the only full-time employees. I’m a contract worker, and then we also have our wonderful intern Lauren as well. So people may be surprised that it’s a small but very efficient and effective operation in terms of actual personnel.

Lulu with Jessica, Lauren and Mandy

What achievement are you most proud of at LTX? 

Definitely the new web site that we launched last year. We basically started from scratch and had a brand new and beautiful web site up and running in about 4 months, which seems kinda crazy. The great thing about our new web site is that it has connected us with so many new people, organizations, and opportunities. And we continue to add current content every week with new blog posts.

What is the biggest challenge you face at LTX? 

My biggest challenge is creating meaningful content that helps communicate our message and our mission to the public. It’s important to me to get our name out there so that we can raise as much money as possible to help as many people as possible.

What inspires you and/or keeps you motivated? 

My friends, family and co-workers inspire me and keep me motivated. I love the work I do, and I love seeing the tangible results of our work as a team.

Where do you see LTX in 5-10 years? What’s your vision for the future of the organization?

I see LTX continuing to grow, thrive and evolve over time. I hope that we can continue to get more and more funding for our patients and programs, and in turn help as many people as possible.