Give Back

LTX Give Back Program

Leukemia Texas is dedicated to the fight against leukemia and your generosity can make a huge difference in the lives of Texas patients. We’re proud and excited to introduce our new Give Back program. You can sign up for a monthly or annual recurring donation, knowing your kind gift will make a big impact. Please choose from one of the options below, and thank you for donating!

Monthly Gifts

$25 - Buddy Bear for a Patient
$50 - Buddy Bear for a Patient and Bear for You
$100 - Parking Pass or Gas Card for a Patient
$250 - Travel Buddy- Custom Suitcase for a Patient
$500 - Adopt a Patient Family for the Holidays
$1,000 - Patient Aid Grant for a Patient
$1,250 - Patient Aid Grant, Buddy Bear and Travel Buddy for a Patient

Annual Gifts

$300 - Provide a Buddy Bear for 12 Patients
$600 - Buddy Bear for 12 Patients and Leukemia Texas Shirt and Bears for You
$1,250 - Provide 5 Travel Buddy Custom Suitcases to Leukemia Patients
$3,000 - Adopt 6 Patient Families for the Holiday
$12,000 - Support 12 Patients with a Patient Aid Grant
$15,000 - Provide 12 Patients with Financial Aid, Custom Suitcase and Buddy Bear
Give back