DALLAS, Texas – GET READY DALLAS! The Electric Run is coming to Dallas this week and it’s going to be much more than a 5K run. It truly is a show! Imagine Fair Park glowing and buzzing to one million watts of light and sound, which will turn the course into an electric wonderland. This isn’t an amateur production. Stage designers from Coachella, Dreamworks animators and talented artists are behind developing this experience.

Dan Hill, founder of the Electric Run says, “We want to do more than produce another running event. We want to create a show and an experience that will take people’s breath away.”. Participants will join in the show by lighting up with glow sticks. Teams called centipedes can participate in the event by given a LED-light rope that will be used to attach themselves to the other members of the centipede. In addition, every participant will be given an LED bracelet, glow necklace, glow sunglasses and an event shirt. It is important to note that the fun and the beats don’t end at the finish line. There will be a finish celebration with DJs to keep you moving. This is family-friendly event for all ages with kids under seven getting to run for free.

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